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What Today’s Nurse Members are Saying


Tina Knowes, NP-C
"Being part of an Today’s Nurse is an honor, but also a rewarding professional experience. I love nursing, and sometimes feel that we are overlooked by healthcare institutions for our valuable contributions. At Today’s Nurse they give us a place to share our knowledge and valuable insight."
Today’s Nurse Member, Smithtown, NY

Marie Bellino, R.N
"I had the wonderful opportunity to write an article in Today’s Nurse magazine Nurse Advisor. Words cannot express how proud I was to see my picture, name and article in print…in a real magazine that my own hospital receives! I am thrilled that Today’s Nurse allows nurses to be the true resource that they really are."
Today’s Nurse Member, Jacksonville, FL

Jackie Herschel, LPN
"I have met the most incredible nurses, and grown so much since joining. I am a recent grad, and have been so blessed to be surrounded by such outstanding individuals and professionals. Immediately upon joining people gravitated towards me, wanting to help me make my transition into the "real world". Things sure are a lot different than you read in the textbooks, and I was so much more comfortable speaking to members than some of the people that were training me at work. Thank you so much to Today’s Nurse, and all of those special people who have been my support team."
Today’s Nurse Member, Sacramento, CA

William Reid, RN
"My whole life I wanted to be a nurse. Kind of strange for a guy, but I just knew that it was what I was meant to do. Sometimes you can't help but feel like you are not valued, and that is why it is so important for me be involved in a community like Today’s Nurse. Nursing is a profession that I want to be part of, not just at work, but socially and politically. No one knows better than we do about patient care and policies, so staying active with Today’s Nurse has allowed me to voice my opinion; within the community, on their radio show, and as one of their writers."
Today’s Nurse Member, Little Rock, AK

Lorna King Bobb, BSN, RN
"I have received my plaque and mere words can never adequately describe the excitement and overwhelming feeling of gratitude it brought to me. I just gave God thanks for it. And thank you too for journeying me through this maze. Susan you are such a brilliant and marvelous person, I'm going to put it up in a way that everyone can see it and I will proudly present it. Thank you again, I will call you again so we can talk."
Today’s Nurse Member, Mississauga, Ontario CA

Stacy E. Hunt, BSN, RN, CNCC (C)
"It is my fervent belief that experienced clinicians have a professional responsibility to share their knowledge and skills. My professional path has been one of seeking opportunities to enhance the professional development of nurses and refine my leadership skills. As a Clinical Nurse Educator in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit, I was able to share my passion with young nurses and inspire experienced nurses to fully develop as clinical experts."
Today’s Nurse Member, Saskatchewan, Canada