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Contributing Writer Opportunities

nurse advisor
Nurse Advisor Magazine
As the only magazine written exclusively by nurses, Nurse Advisor will contain viewpoint articles, best practices, clinical resources, nursing research, and a host of lifestyle and how to articles for nurses in all stages of their career.

Our nurses have their fingers on the pulse of the medical
community and access to information covering nearly every topic on the minds of our readers. Each issue offers advice and
inspiration to help others overcome challenges and succeed in today's fast paced and competitive medical community.

Nurse Advisor brings together the brightest minds in nursing, and provides them with a published media outlet that allows them to speak their mind, offer advice, and be recognized for their accomplishments

Nurse Advisor focuses on a variety of areas that allows all of our members to write about
something important to them and participate with their own experiences:
Break Room • Education • Career Path • Nurses Make a Difference •
Home and Family• Nurse in the Spotlight • Ask a Mentor
It will also include practical advice for patients waiting in their doctor's offices. With distribution set to reach hospitals, private offices, and medical institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada, we are extremely excited for our members to be given such an extensive platform to share their experience and knowledge with an eager and receptive audience.

There is no charge to be featured in our magazine and all contributing nurses will have their picture, mini bio, and contact information included in their article.

Nurses on a Mission

The International Nurses
Association cherishes and supports every philanthropic endeavor from all of our members. However, every so often, we like to showcase and honor special nurses for their outstanding charitable contributions.

Nurses on a Mission is a section on our website, magazine and
newsletter that spotlights specific nurses and their charities. It is here that you will get to know more on their professional background, the organization that they support, and why it is so important to them.

To be highlighted in Nurses on a Mission, please send an email to our Managing Editor Dana Jarrett at Please include details on the charitable organization you support and the story about how you became involved.

Your story is important, and will serve as an inspiration to your fellow Today’s Nurse members.

Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

What began as a yearly publication,
selecting and documenting the biographies of medicine's brightest minds, has quickly evolved into an acclaimed and trusted resource for medical professionals and healthcare institutions worldwide.

Featuring members from various medical associations, Worldwide Leaders in
Healthcare represents first-rate nurses in over 50 different medical specialties in all

major markets across the globe.

As an international organization highly regarded by the medical community, the International Nurses Association actively seeks out only those nurses who choose to maintain the highest standards of care and take exceptional pride in their work.

Distributed worldwide to thousands of members, physicians, and healthcare institutions, inclusion is a tribute to your success and also opens up a myriad of opportunities for professional networking and career growth. Your biography will be featured on a full color page, displaying your education, background, and areas of expertise.


Our Nurse2Nurse Newletter will keep you abreast on what is happening within our organization and also highlight our newest members. It is here that we will feature our hottest discounts and member-related information.

We are also looking for monthly writers to share inspirational stories.
Contact us at
to be involved in our next edition.