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Mentor / Mentee Program

Join Our Mentorship Program and
Give Back To Your Nursing Community

Whether you want to become a mentor or mentee, Today’s Nurse has opportunities for both

Our mentorship program benefits newer nurses looking to make a smooth transition into the workforce

Take advantage of this shared opportunity for learning & growth and build long lasting relationships


Mentoring has been proven to be a successful way for one to gain professional growth. Today’s Nurse recognizes the value of mentoring for both the mentors and the mentees. Through this program, you will guide each other through the workplace, your roles, the political environment you may be in all the while building strong, healthy relationships with one another. There will be well-defined learning goals, clear expectations and open lines of communication that will help guide nurses through their career.



Whether you are a newly graduated nurse, assuming a new position or you’re looking for guidance in the nursing field, you may need to learn the ins and outs from an experienced nurse. Today’s Nurse pairs mentors with mentees based on several distinguished criteria including years of experience in the nursing field, specialty, etc. You will be expected to voice your concerns, questions or any obstacles you may be facing in your field to your mentor. In return, you will receive one-on-one guidance with your mentor that will help you navigate through and in turn, have a hand in helping your professional growth.


Today’s Nurse pairs mentors with mentees based on several distinguished criteria including years of experience in the nursing field, specialty, etc. As a mentor, you will have a first hand in helping to advance the future of nursing. You will be creating a warm, safe and accepting environment for the mentee to approach you with questions and/or concerns they may have in the field. Successful mentors have a confidence in themselves and their knowledge in order to pass on that wisdom to others. With the successful completion of the program, all mentors will become Today’s Nurse Certified Mentors.


Mentors and Mentees will be matched to one another using specific criteria based on each individual's needs and experience. Once aligned to a fellow nurse, you will receive an introductory email along with details on how to access your account. Each of you then are required to submit a monthly progress report that will be evaluated by our Mentorship Program Coordinator. At the 6 month successful completion of the program, the mentors will now become an Today’s Nurse Certified Mentor and the mentees will receive a certificate among completion. The experience and knowledge to gain from the program is endless and we hope these relationships you build will become lifelong.


Both the Mentor and Mentee will receive a personalized, embossed certificate. The Mentor will now be an Today’s Nurse Certified Mentor and will be among the first chosen to mentor other nurses in the future. Both will also receive an Today’s Nurse tote bag full of nursing essentials to help make your day better and brighter!

For further questions, please contact our Mentorship Program Coordinator,