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VPI Pet Insurance


When it comes to our furry loved ones, many of us will spend whatever it takes to give our beloved companions the best medical care possible. Like so many today, our pets have become a part of our family, and just like the rest of our family, we want to do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy. But with the rising costs of veterinary care, many owners now find that their affection for their pets threatens to outstrip their bank account.

In an effort to assist our pet owning members for that unexpected "rainy day," the International Association of Healthcare Professionals has partnered with VPI Pet Insurance to exclusively offer our members a 5% discount on coverage for your pet. VPI, the oldest pet insurance company in the nation, has become one of the most trusted pet insurance companies for over 30 years. With over one million insured pets, VPI will offer you the right kind of veterinary benefits coverage for your budget and give your pets the level of care they deserve.

Pet insurance can help keep the costs manageable, especially if a condition is chronic or requires surgery or expensive medication. Isn't the health and well-being of your companion animal worth it?

Visit to find a plan to fit your needs, budget and find out how to get your member discount.