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Virtual Interview Tips

Unlike the yesteryears, there is no need to leave the convenience of
home for attending the job interview. Advancements in technology
including videoconferencing have ensured that the first interview with the company may take place through
virtual means – a 'virtual interview'.

You need to keep a few things in your mind before attending
a virtual interview:
  • You should have a user name and password for using the specific applications like instant messaging client or videoconferencing. Ensure that your user name or email account is something professional.
  • Even if it is a telephonic conversation, dressing like for a face-to-face interview would help you to feel more confident. Be very professional in your dressing also.
  • Consider the background before starting the conference. Place the camera in such a position so that it looks like as if you are in office. Keep a copy of your resume and portfolio in hand.
  • Ensure that the area is quiet by keeping TV sounds, kids and pets out of the location.
  • Set the laptop or the camera in the right angle so that the interviewer gets a face-on view.
  • Pay attention to lighting so that your face is not shadowed or appear as a dark blob.