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Top Ten Reasons Why Nurses Get Sick

You take care of patients and clean up everything that you lay your hands on. Have you ever wondered why nurses fall sick often? Even after all those cleanings, why do bugs attack your immune system?

Here are the top 10 reasons for why nurses fall sick:

Not washing hands – Although you insist on personal hygiene and clean up everything, do you wash your hands every time you come out of a patient's room? Do you remember to wash your hands after every contact? It is common that many forget to clean their hands after touching the patient's chart or the glucometer.

Lack of sleep – Many studies have shown that lack of proper sleep may reduce the functioning of the immune system and make you prone to diseases. That may be with you when you were working night shifts for the whole week.

Work overload – Yes, you do need that extra shift for that additional expenditure. But it comes with a price – reduced energy levels and a bad immune system. How do you manage this? Ensure that there is a balance between the extra shifts and your health.

Reduced fluid intake
– When you do not have time to eat or think properly, you definitely do not have time to drink! But think of the diseases that come along with reduced body fluid content. You will automatically go for that cup of water.

Unclean stethoscope – This is equivalent to unclean hands. We always use it but may not clean it often. You lend it to others also and we do not know whether they cleaned it.

Single writing device for all patients – How many times have we thought about it as a reason for being unhygienic? Not even once, I bet.

Being too clean – Some of us clean up everything from the mouse of the computer to cupboards and telephone. This may be just too much, and the immune system must have forgotten how to fight infections and may wreak havoc when it really faces a tough situation!

Stress – Needless to say this is one of the major causes for reduced immune system functioning. Most of us do not know how to handle it properly and unknowingly allow it to affect us both mentally and physically.

A night out – Yes it is relaxing. But we forget when to stop drinking or eating. There it goes – body aches, sniffles and stomach upset to name a few.

Ignorance – You thought since you are exposed to the bugs day in and day out, it may not affect you. Beware! They are always there waiting for an opportunity.