Melissa Ann Sockanowich, RPN,

Melissa Ann Sockanowich, RPN



Melissa Ann Sockanowich, RPN is a registered practical nurse currently serving her patients at the Alzheimer Society where she provides behavioral support for dementia patients. To begin her career, Melissa attended Mohawk College and earned her nursing degree in 2015. The main role of a registered nurse is to assist physicians in providing treatment to patients suffering from various medical conditions. They must also stay up-to-date with new tools and technology to help provide the best care to patients and families, and the best support to doctors and other healthcare professionals. Registered nurses must possess excellent communication, emotional intelligence, teamwork, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Education and Training

Mohawk College RPN 2015

Nursing Specialization

behavioral support for dementia patients

Provider Details

English 5 of experience Alzheimer Society of HNHBH

Work Description / Areas of Expertise / Job Duties

  • Palliative
    Dementia care
    Diabetic care

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Hard work and dedication, constant reflection on your goals, learning from your bad days-what can I change about the outcome or who can I talk to about the emotional physically exhaustion of nursing

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