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"The Phonecall" (2013) 4 min

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Maria Arellano Mendoza, D
The video displays a kind and caring nurse with everyone asking or needing help including when the provider was rude, nurse manages to keep calm. Great job!
Leonie M. Keen, EN
Thanks for your comment Maria! It's great to get some feedback on my film, and I'm glad you liked it to Laurie. I'm from Australia and our nurses union (NSWNMA) runs a film competition every year and this film was my entry. I won a prize for my efforts too !
Jennifer Amedio, RN, BSN,
I thaught it was a very accurate picture of how much a nurse multitasks.
Elizabeth Montgomery
Have been there in that situation all management think you do is sit down and do nothing.You have to be there for the patients and staff and the phone call could have been made by the manager.
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