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Guessing Game: What happened to these two dogs?

August 3, 2013 by
Image quiz
1. What happened to these dogs?
Marykutty Babu, RN, BSN,
If some one find the dogs please let others know
Judy Benedicto, BSN, MA
there were no pictures so i made my guest.
Reinaldo Alvarado,US
I still don't see the dogs. Maybe the dog catcher caught them.
harjeet kaur
I can't see any dog. So I guessed
Carrie L. Ortiz, RN
I did not see any dogs, so I guessed. I hope that was right.
Mrs. Deanna Whieldon, LPN
Hmmm...sorry...can't see any dogs.
Penny S. Crawford, RN, MS
They went home
Reinaldo Alvarado,US
Still wondering what a happen to the dogs and the picture.
L. Glen Whitteaker Jr., R
They're lost!
Anouse Previl Guillaume,
I did not see any dogs.I guessed they may be tired.Please let me know what happen to the dogs.
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