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Marcelene Hart
Nursing Bloopers
Who has any Nursing bloopers? I did something the other day and laughed out loud, you know one of those duh moments. I can't actually say what specifically it was, but one of those things that made me...
Liliane de Vries RPN CPCC
Wisdom - ALIVE in Healthcare
Wisdom is an interesting concept. More than just “experience,” wisdom indicates a combination or a collection of knowledge, good judgment, AND experience. Wisdom would appear to come from a soulful ...
Topics: Nursing, Wisdom
Liliane de Vries RPN CPCC
Defensiveness - Where is it Taking You?
Justified in Your Defensiveness? Probably Not. As caregivers, we pour so much time and energy into the work we do - which leaves us feeling very invested, entitled almost to only praise about the w...
Liliane de Vries RPN CPCC
Is there Space for Social Media in Nursing?
While older generations may see nothing but problems in relation to the world of social media, the truth is that it’s here to stay. So how can it be used without compromising the integrity of nursin...
Liliane de Vries RPN CPCC
Negative Nancy or Negative Nurse
Patients often have a handful of negative experiences related to nurses they’ve encountered; and they will have just as many really great nursing stories too. But have you ever given a second though...