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Carmi A. Fazio, RN, MSN,
End of life Discussions
I am an oncology nurse with end of life experience on an end of life floor. End of life conversations were common and done more than once on a daily basis. While on that unit, I had the honor to atten...
Rochelle Froloff, RN
Somaderm HGH - Transdermal
I am working with a new product that is a Transdermal HGH, no shots,no pills and it is giving me more energy and better sleep. Many Physicians and Healthcare workers are using it and recommending it....
Cindi Fortson
My life experiences. True stories too crazy to be fiction....
 Angely Glindro-Dobbs
Angely’s On-line
Rebecca N. Sweet, RN
Retirement isn't easy
I retired six weeks ago. I thought I was ready. I'm 66. I was tired of working with nurses who care about nothing but a paycheck. I was fed up with supervisors half my age with one-third of my experi...
Topics: Retirement