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Julie Michelle, RPN/LPN
Can anyone tell me how this works? The info that was inputted is wrong. You can’t upload a photo or change any of the info? They tried to buy me saying your nurse of the year... take over $500 after t...
Julie Michelle, RPN/LPN
New to this
Well I’m glad to be a part of something that brings nurses together. I’m new to this and am not sure how to edit our info or add a picture! Any help would be appreciatedߘ...
Peggy Blanchard Krech, LP
Rehabilitation and long term care
Good morning. I am new to blogging,so here I go. I have worked in Long term centers since I was 15 years old. I have seen changes through the years. I am a LPN and worked at a facility for over 20 yea...
Marcelene Hart
Nursing Bloopers
Who has any Nursing bloopers? I did something the other day and laughed out loud, you know one of those duh moments. I can't actually say what specifically it was, but one of those things that made me...
Liliane de Vries RPN CPCC
Wisdom - ALIVE in Healthcare
Wisdom is an interesting concept. More than just “experience,” wisdom indicates a combination or a collection of knowledge, good judgment, AND experience. Wisdom would appear to come from a soulful ...
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