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Sonya Wright, RN

Sonya Wright, RN

Lives in  Virginia United States ·
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October 1, 2020
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August 12, 2020
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Nursing Title
Adult Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Job Title
Current Nursing Specialization
urology, sexual health medicine, aesthetics
Work Name (Hospital, Practice, Clinic, etc...)
Urologist Surgical Consultants
Company Website
Hospital Affiliation
Inova LoudounHospital
Years in Nursing
Work Description / Areas of Expertise / Job Duties
I work in an independent Urology Surgical office. The staff is small but we work like family. I work as a new Nurse Practitioner caring for patients with Urological needs, assisting the physcian with minor surgical procedures such as vasectomies and circumcisions, and overseeing the general well being of Mens Health. I assist and operate the running of our Testosterone clinic as well as our new and innovative aesthetic department. Just like family, we work together to get it all done in whatever capacity that is required.
Brief summary of your nursing background
I began my nursing career on a cardiac telemetry/ overflow unit. This was a great unit with older, highly experienced, no nonsense nurses. It was before surveys when nurses could perform their jobs and deliver love with a firm hand. When it was time for your walk with Physical Therapy or time to use the Incentive Spirometer, you did it when the nurse came to see you. You did not tell her you wanted to finish watching your tv show and to come back later. I later moved on to learn about invasive procedures in Interventional Radiology. I loved this part of my career. It was new and exciting. I was able to take the sick presentation of a new patient, the post care I gave on the floor, and now merge it all together with the procedure it took to diagnose or help fix what was causing the illness. I had begun to add layers to my nursing knowledge and yet still utilize all of my skills. After four years, I went back to floor working nights on the cardiac telemety/ stroke/ progressive care unit so I could manage my career and family life balance. I have worked as charge nurse, committee member, preceptor, teacher, and mentor. My most important role was as team player and friend. As a nurse, you give your heart, sweat, and tears to your patients and to each other. Nursing is a sisterhood like no other profession on earth. I raise my glass to the night shift nurses. As we all know, patients never sleep at night and anything that can go wrong will go wrong at 0600.
What made you choose a career in nursing?
I dontt think that I chose Nursing as much as Nursing chose me. There is an excitement about the field that draws you in, especially if you love a challenge. I first loved the Science of Nursing and then fell in love with the Art of Nursing. Not only are you putting your brain to work with the systematic processes of procedures, the Who What Why When and How, you are putting your heart and your time into the care of work you perform. Nursing is always building. The better you are at understanding one process, the better you later become with others. The nursing profession is like building an onion. Layer upon layer over time.
What Do You Attribute Your Success To?
I attribute my success to some of the most respected and experienced nurses founded on old school nursing principles. Their influence and constant willingness to take time to show me how and what I needed to do during the early stages of my carerr provided a bedrock foundation of who I am today. Moreover, that foundation created my desire for collabortive efforts in every position that I have held. Teamwork and learning have and always will, be essential to the nursing profession and solidified through the actions of those generation we inspire. Now my inspiration is more centered on taking my experience and knowledge and imparting it to the next generation of nursing professionals.
What motivates you at the start of each day?
The medical field is an industry run and sustained by the desire to help others. Every day brings a new set of chanllenges and a different opportunity for excellence. I thrive in knowing that every person I come in contact with can and often is a source of inspiration for my lifes work. Sometimes we make the most impact in the smallest of ways. Its with that stealy determination that I look forward to the sun rising each day.
How do you make a difference in the lives of your patients?
I try to make the time to teach and allow for successful return demonstration. This is an important aspect to nursing that sometimes gets forgotten when we dont have time. As a nurse, I have tried to make the time. I have taught new stroke patients how to relearn ADLs and how to use equipment by showing them myself. I also make a difference by being a patient teacher to new nurses. I have always stressed the importance of proper and safe body mechanics when handling heavy patients. If we are careful and safe in the handling of our patients and ourselves, then we can continue to perform the job that we love, and our patients will continue to travel the road to recovery. Once a nurse, Always a nurse.
Research Interests
As a Medsurg Nurse, I think it is quite funny to be asked what my Research Interests are. I was and still am, constantly researching. I think we (nurses) all are. I constantly research the medical conditions and adverse symptoms that present outside the norm of my patients. I also constantly review the newest and best Evidenced Based Practices for the present and future medical needs of my patients. Staying current is plenty of research.
High School Name
Northside High School
High School Grad Date
University - Bachelor's
George Mason University
Bachelor's Degree In
Grad Date - Bachelor's Degree
University - Master's
Walden University
Master's Degree In
Masters in Nursing. Adult Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Grad Date - Master's Degree
ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
1 - Professional Society Membership
American Association of Nurse Practitioners
1 - Honor / Award
multiple STAR awards from patients
Favorite Medical Publication
Urologic Nursing Journal, American Journal of Nursing
Hobbies / Sports
Cooking and baking
More About Me
Sonya Wright is a well versed nurse practitioner currently serving her patients at Urologist Surgical Consultants located in Virginia. To begin her career, Sonya attended George Mason University and completed her BSN-RN degree. Additionally, she is certified in telemetry and holds expertise in urology, sexual health medicine, as well as surgical urology. Sonya likes a challenge, she says that everyday is a new challenge with nursing. She loves the science of nursing and being able to do things for her patients. Additionally, she attributes her success to her ambition and drive to always learn new things and grow within the field. In addition to her studies, Sonya did 4 years of interventional radiology where she practiced biopsies, central lines as well as IVs. When she is not working, Sonya enjoys staying up to date in her field by reading American Journal of Nursing and historical romance novels from the library. Throughout her 20 years in the nursing field, Sonya had received many awards and accolades in praise of her work from patiens and coworkers. When she is not helping her patients, she enjoys spending time with her two children, and hanging out with her husband of 25 years.
All varities except horror and slap stick comedy- sometimes I just don't get the humor.
Reading in a quiet place, visiting breweries and winerys with my husband, hosting house parties with family and friends for "game night Fridays".
I like grocery shopping and cooking with my teenaged daughter. I like watching movies and hanging out with my teenaged son. I also love spending time with my twin sister- anything we do is fun -whether it's happy hour or spring cleaning each other's house.
I like all types of music but mostly country. I love music I can dance to. I have also never heard a Michael Bubly song that I did not love.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Audrey Hepburn. She was a wonderful mixture of serious, smart, and fun all rolled up in a caring beautiful package. And Holly Golightly will be forever famous!