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Sydney Fischer, RN

Sydney Fischer, RN

Lives in  Alberta Canada ·
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November 5, 2019
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August 20, 2019
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Nursing Title
Registered Nurse
Job Title
Floor Nurse
Current Nursing Specialization
Rural Nursing: L&D, Palliative, Med Surg, Cardiac, occasional ER
Work Name (Hospital, Practice, Clinic, etc...)
Hospital Affiliation
Alberta Health Services
Years in Nursing
Work Description / Areas of Expertise / Job Duties
In a rural hospital, your patient assignment is anywhere from 4-7 patients. Our ward consist of a Med-Surg based population with specialities of cardiac, L&D and Palliative. As their are no set specialized nurses on staff, a saying on the unit is jack of all trades, master of none. Job duties involve holistically caring for patients. Rural medicine forces healthcare members to work at their full scope. In my experience, it has helped to develop and hone skills. It is humbling and often rural nursing is overlooked. Job duties can change drastically in one shift. It is common to witness the beauty of birth after spending all day with a labouring Mum and then going to a palliative patient to hold their hand as they take their last breaths. Both experiences can be so beautiful, and so humbling. Especially when done in such close proximities of each other.
Brief summary of your nursing background
I recently graduated in 2017 from Elmira College, New York, USA. I chose a school for its hockey program and fell in love with the nursing program. After graduation I took a position at a hospital upstate, but quickly realized I was able to come home to the farm. I took my NCLEX and completed the licensing process for New York State and started the process of transferring it to CARNA. With the decision to come back to Canada, I found a full time position at a rural facility within driving distance from the farm and was blessed that my manager was an advocate for me coming home to work. Because of this, the transition time between licenses was very smooth. Since January 2018 I have been working on the acute floor of a rural hospital in Alberta, Canada. It allows me to practice my license at full scope and always continue to grow as an RN in a med-surg based setting. I am part of our obstetrics nursing team which I love. I joined the MoreOB team to always be learning new protocols and ensure our staff is up to date in practice. Its amazing to see how much changes so quickly, even in a small facility. My background is not that broad, but it has given me the fundamentals to hone my skills and a good basis if I ever choose to specialize in a bigger centre.
What made you choose a career in nursing?
I grew up with a family of nurses. I have three amazing aunts who are so supportive of my career and I am forever grateful. But my little sister made me do it. When she was eight years old she was diagnosed with Rasmussen Encephalitis, a rare neurological inflammatory disease. She endured test after test and multiple treatments of corticosteroids to aid in the inflammation process of the disease. At the age of twelve, she underwent a left hemispherectomy and, after countless hours of therapy, has been literally living with half a brain since. When she was hospitalized, there were some amazing nurses. Her favourite ones were the ones who went out of their way to make her day a little better, thats what I wanted to do. I wanted to be able to make someone a tiny bit more happy and allow their family that feeling of safety and comfort. My little sister made me become a nurse, and also the nurses she had at the Stollery Childrens Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Thank you for caring for my baby sister.
What Do You Attribute Your Success To?
My family has raised me to be hard working, I believe you need to work hard in order to perform a job effectively. Being a collegiate student athlete forced me to love and respect the career I was studying to be apart of. It was a difficult commitment as I was fully commitment to both my hockey team and my nursing studies. It allowed me to appreciate teamwork both on and off the ice. I believe that the high expectation of my coach and the heavy demand of the nursing department has allowed me to be successful. The nursing program at Elmira College is smaller and professors care about your success, it made a huge difference in learning. My Papa told me if I love what I do I will never work a day in my life. I love nursing! I love how challenging it is, I love that I am always learning and I love helping people. Providing quality care while helping families through difficult times is what makes me go the extra mile. I believe the extra mile is a characteristic of a successful nurse.
What motivates you at the start of each day?
As a new grad, there is so much that you are not told in nursing school. For example, there are many shifts that you go into exhausted. Mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Unfortunately, that doesnt matter. Its not taken into consideration that youre exhausted during shifts when its short staffed. Its not taken into consideration when you are mandated in on your day off, or schedule adjusted time and time again to fit manager needs simply so a shift has a body in it. Its dangerous, in regards to both patient safety and the safety of the staff. Again, unfortunately it doesnt matter. I am blessed to work with nurses who go above and beyond for their patients. For the most part, our hospital is home to a nursing staff that treat their patients like family members and care about the other nurses they work with. This motivates me. Of course the patients motivate me as well, and their families. But when you see people almost everyday for twelve hours, they become your people. Your team. Your family. I grew up playing hockey and one year we had an ethos: play like a team, love like a family. This is part of what motivates me at the start of each shift.
How do you make a difference in the lives of your patients?
The little things are what can make someones day. Both inside and outside of the hospital, going out of your way to do a little bit extra in order to make someones day a little better is an act of kindness I try accomplish. Small acts include taking their chart into their room and going through the course of treatment or medication, involving the family in the patients care, or advocating for a patients wishes to their healthcare team. It could also be something as little as making your patient a tea at 1400 when you know thats part of their routine at home. On units that are regularly at full capacity, it is difficult to accomplish the little things, but when I get the opportunity to do so I try not to waste it.
Research Interests
Research is something that as healthcare professionals should be doing everyday. It allows new ideas and innovation for better patient care. I have not decided if it is something that I want to dive into with my career, but I am currently researching Postpartum Depression. As member of our MoreOB Team, we have noticed an increase number of mothers who are openly effected by the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression. There are various risk factors that we currently in the process of learning more about in order to implement an in hospital new screening method for our postpartum patients.
Nursing School Name
Elmira College
Nursing Degree In
Grad Date - Nursing Degree
BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
1 - Honor / Award
2018: Spirit Award of Excellence nomination for Teamwork
Volunteering and Causes - Charitable Organizations
2016: Work the World - Peru. I was able to have the opportunity to volunteer in an oncology hospital.
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Favorite place to vacation
Charleston, South Carolina.
Hobbies / Sports
Hockey, volleyball, hiking, running, softball, working with horses, farming, being with family.
Place of birth
Viking, Alberta, Canada.
More About Me

Sydney Arling Fischer, RN is a Registered Nurse currently
serving patients in Alberta, Canada and works in a rural hospital.
In 2017, she attended Elmira College and earned her nursing degree. The main thing
Sydney attributes her career success to her student athlete experience that evolved into the love of nursing.
Being able to make her patients day a little better is something she cherishes.

Call me a granny but my favourite movies are Gone with the Wind, Gun Smoke and Pride and Prejudice.
I love being a home surrounded by my big, crazy family. Working on the farm on my days off is something I am passionate about as it is part of my families legacy and who I am. I occasionally continue to play hockey, no longer at a competitive level. But I volunteer and coach girls in the sport when I am able to. I also coach the Highschool Volleyball Team for our town. I am so proud of the girls I am able to mentor.
Country music [grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere], obvious choice.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Ellen Degeneres. I believe she is one of the most amazing people God has put on this planet. Her shows literally always make me cry because she is so so kind. If everyone followed her lead and did small acts of kindness, the world would be a better place.