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Ronald G. Lindaman, RN

Ronald G. Lindaman, RN

Lives in Niagara Falls, New York United States ·
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September 16, 2020
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May 21, 2018
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Nursing Title
Registered Nurse
Job Title
Intermediate Care Unit (ICMU) Cardiac Stroke Unit
Current Nursing Specialization
Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Telemetry Certified
Work Name (Hospital, Practice, Clinic, etc...)
Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center
Company Website
Hospital Affiliation
Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center
Years in Nursing
2 years
Work Description / Areas of Expertise / Job Duties
Currently, I work on a cardiac stroke unit which also is our Intensive Care Unit step down and even know we are a step-down unit we still receive stable patients, but their diagnosis is still critical. As nurses on this floor, we are assigned a certain number of patients which can range from 4 to 8 depending on the staffing levels and it is our job to assess each patient and look and watch for any abnormalities or changes in their condition. If we find any irregularities, we use our critical thinking skills to see if there is something that we can do to improve their situation and if not we contact the doctor via the charge nurse of the floor. When the patients have been assessed, we then pass their nightly medications, and with this, we must look at every drug and compare it to the patients allergy list, so we do not cause any harm to the patient. Secondly, we must look at certain medications that have parameters, and if the patients vital signs are outside the parameters of the medicine, then we would hold the pill. This is an example that I have encountered several times in the past specifically with the drug Metoprolol, with Metoprolol if the patients heart rate is below 60 or if their systolic blood pressure is below a 100 we will not give the medication and hold it because if it is given, we can harm the patient. Besides harm via medications, we watch the patients heart rhythm 24/7 to wait for any abnormalities and also view their vital signs throughout the night and if there is anything abnormal we check their medication list and if there is no medication to improve the situation then we page the doctor. Lastly, we chart on the patient’s condition about every body system, medicate the patient during the shift if needed, and finally write notes to the doctor on the patients status in the form of SBAR’s which stands for Situation Background Assessment and Recommendation.
Brief summary of your nursing background
Ron worked as a Corrections officer for about eight years before accepting a position at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center as a Program Aide. When he started at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center in 2007, he was assigned to the female adult psychiatric unit. After working on this unit for about five years, he then applied and accepted another position in the Psychiatric Emergency RoomUnit and was there for about five years before he took a job as a Registered Nurse.
What made you choose a career in nursing?
What inspired me the most to go in the field of nursing was the nurses I worked with and how they loved their job. I took a two-week vacation from my Corrections officer job at the Niagara County Sheriffs Department to work at the hospital to see if I liked it. During this time I got a glimpse of what the hospital was all about, and it was during this time I decided to resign from my Corrections Officer position and start my career at the hospital. Working in the hospital environment and with the nurses is what then persuaded me to return to school and begin my journey to become a Registered Nurse.
What Do You Attribute Your Success To?
The sacrifices he has had to make, the support from his mom, his family, colleagues, and the encouragement from his best friend Paul are what motivated him to persevere and finish nursing school. There were several times he wanted to drop out, but because of the support he had, he stuck with it no matter how hard and stressful it was. Although it was tough, this encouragement helped Ron persevere through many obstacles that came his way throughout nursing school. Nursing school was difficult, and it was the hardest thing in his life that he ever has done, but without that support, he never would have succeeded.
What motivates you at the start of each day?
I guess what motivates me the most is the fact that I have a job where I can help people especially when they are at their weakest and try to put a smile on their face because I do care for all my patients and I want them to see that I do care. Now that is what a nurse is supposed to do every day while they are at the hospital and not just for one patient but all of them.
How do you make a difference in the lives of your patients?
How I make a difference with my patients is first to be friendly to all my patients no matter what their situation is and to treat each one with compassion, friendliness, and overall respect. This is how I build a good relationship with all of my patients, and it also helps if the patient has some of the same medical issues that I have because it puts both on the same level and I can help them if they have any questions. The longer you work as a Registered Nurse, the more you learn about diseases, medications, and other treatment modalities. With this knowledge, you can educate your patient to help them learn about their illness or disease and teach them what they should do to get better and stay healthy when they are discharged from the hospital. Lastly, as a nurse, you must have a calm demeanor in every situation that comes up, and when you are calm, that can also calm the patient down as well.
1 - Faculty Appointment
Taught HIV education
2 - Faculty Appointment
HIV test pre and poster test counselor and performed HIV testing
High School Name
Niagara Wheatfield Senior High School
High School Degree
Regents Diploma with a concentration in Music and Science
High School Grad Date
June 26, 1992
Nursing School Name
Trocaire College
Nursing Degree In
Associates in Applied Science in Nursing
Grad Date - Nursing Degree
May 2016
University - Associate's
Trocaire College
Associate's Degree In
Associates in Applied Science in Nursing
Grad Date - Associate's Degree
May 2016
University - Bachelor's
Pensacola Christian College
Bachelor's Degree In
Criminal Justice
Grad Date - Bachelor's Degree
May 7, 1997
AAS (Associate of Applied Science), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), BLS - Basic Life Support (not intended for postnominal use), RN (Registered Nurse), Telemetry Certified
1 - Professional Society Membership
International Nurses Association
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Favorite place to vacation
Hobbies / Sports
Going to the gym, going to concerts, spending time with frients and watching and going to sporting events
Place of birth
North Tonawanda
More About Me
Ronald G. Lindaman, RN, is a leading registered nurse currently serving patients at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center in Niagara Falls, New York. Throughout his two years in the nursing arena, he has accrued extensive expertise in cardiac nursing, adult and geriatric nursing, and stroke care.He earned his nursing degree in 2016 at Trocaire College and is certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support ACLS), and Telemetry Certified. Currently he is in school at Niagara University to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Nursing and is holding a 3.89 GPA and when he graduates he plans on expanding his knowledge to obtain his Nurse Practitioners degree in Psychiatric care.
The kind of movies that I especially like are comedies, science fiction, horror and documentaries.
Interests that I have currently are hanging out with friends, going to sporting events, attending musicals and especially attending concerts.
I enjoy a whole bunch of music and it arrays from genres such as rock, hip hop, pop, classical, country, jazz and blues.
Who I'd Like to Meet
If I were to meet anyone I would love to meet Dr. OZ because he has done so much in the field of medicine and I would just love to spend the day with home to watch how a typical day it is for him when he is in the hospital.