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Alanna B. Watkins

Alanna B. Watkins

Lives in  Texas United States ·
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May 21, 2019
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May 15, 2018
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Nursing Student
What made you choose a career in nursing?
As cliché as it may sound, I like to think nursing chose me. There was never a moment where I decided indefinitely nursing is what I want to do. I just knew when it was time to go to college nursing would be my major. I have always been fascinated by the human body and how it can practically heal itself, however when it needs some extra help I can step in and use my skills and knowledge to assist. When people are in the hospital or are in need of a nurse, they are typically anxious and unsettled; as a nurse, I will be able to comfort them and be a source of support. Making an impact on others, and vice versa is very important to me and being a good nurse I will be able to experience that on a regular basis. Also with nursing, there are so many different career paths I can choose from. There will always be something new I can learn, which is what makes nursing even more valuable.
What Do You Attribute Your Success To?
Learning to manage my time has been the most important factor in being a successful nursing student. I am a full-time student and I have a part-time job at a restaurant and between both of those and balancing time with friends, it can be challenging. However, learning to prioritize and allocate time accordingly I am able to focus my energy on what is important, which is both my studies and a healthy social life. I definitely have to attribute a portion of my success to my support system. I go to school away from my home and the friends I have made here have become more like family. As we all know, nursing school is quite demanding and having people near me that are nothing short of loving, supportive, and encouraging as I make my way through nursing school has gotten me through some of the tougher days and I am grateful for them.
University - Bachelor's
Mesa Community College/Arizona State University/Autonomous University of Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain
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Grad Date - Bachelor's Degree
Projected in 2019
1 - Professional Society Membership
National Black Nurses Association (2014-2015)
1 - Honor / Award
New American University Scholar - Deans Award (ASU)
2 - Honor / Award
Nursing General Scholarship (ASU)
English, Spanish
Favorite place to vacation
Any beach
Hobbies / Sports
Meditation and Yoga
Place of birth
Los Angeles, California