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Merna M. Albury, MSN, BSN, RN

Lives in Jacksonville, Florida United States ·
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Lois A. Hassinger, RN
I too felt scammed by all of the money they asked for. Fortunately I came to my senses before giving much more.
Merna M. Albury, MSN, BSN
Lois, Thanks for the response. This is very unfortunate. All the best to you!
Merna M. Albury, MSN, BSN
Question for anyone. Anybody ever received the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare book/magazine? Or a package with the INA certificate? I paid $189 for this item last year and won't mention how much I ...
Alicia M. Lewis, LSW, RN,
I'm very confused and agree that I was mislead to believe what I was paying for. The membership fees are too expensive than other nursing organizations. When I expressed my feelings about the calls for more money they tried there best by decreasing making it look like this is the best opportunity to...
Merna M. Albury, MSN, BSN
Alicia, thank you for the response. It's just unbelievable how this is a make believe reality that want to scam hard working individuals. I pay and owe enough student loans to be scammed by this foolishness. All the best to you. Thanks again!
Sabrina Clayton, RN, BS
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
Merna M. Albury, MSN, BSN
Thanks for the friend request!
Merna M. Albury, MSN, BSN
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