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Brittny Simone Eaddy, RN

Lives in  New Jersey United States ·
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October 7, 2020
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May 10, 2016
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Nursing Title
Registered Nurse
Current Nursing Specialization
Aspires to do telemetry and cardiac nursing
Brief summary of your nursing background
I entered nursing school right out of high school and graduated with an Associate of Applied Science on May 14, 2016. I plan to start working toward my bachelors and attend Wilmington University this fall. I eventually want to get my Doctorate of Nursing Practice and specialize in cardiac nursing/telemetry. I hope to care for underserved populations and educate people about their health since so many chronic diseases are associated with lifestyle choices.
What made you choose a career in nursing?
I initially wanted to become a psychologist before deciding to pursue a career in nursing. At first, my reason for joining this profession was that it offered financial stability since the United States is facing a nursing shortage. However, throughout nursing school, I realized what I was doing was my passion. Due to my compassionate and caring nature, I have a natural tendency to help others and enjoy doing it. Being a nurse entails supporting people when they are at their most vulnerable, and the fact that the smallest gestures can leave the biggest impacts is what I appreciate and find the most rewarding about this profession. Nursing also appealed to me because it has so many specialties; there are countless avenues one can venture down. The profession is constantly evolving and one is always learning.
What Do You Attribute Your Success To?
Not being afraid to try different things, being attentive to everything around me as well as listening to and learning from my patients, mentors and colleagues.
University - Associate's
Rowan College at Burlington County
Associate's Degree In
Grad Date - Associate's Degree
ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing), BLS - Basic Life Support (not intended for postnominal use), RN (Registered Nurse)
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Academic Award in Nursing
Favorite Medical Publication
American Journal of Nursing
Hobbies / Sports
Reading, working out, fiction writing, watching TV, black belt in karate, cooking, knitting, playing the violin, visiting museums and historical sites