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The Importance of Continuing Education

As nurses, we all are equipped with the required knowledge and skills to excel in our jobs. However, the scenario in healthcare technology is changing constantly and this makes continuing education a necessity for nurses. The technological advancements happening in the field is amazing and nobody wants to be behind the schedule in providing the right and latest care for their patients.

Although most of the nursing programs do teach the nurses about the latest in healthcare technology, there are new products entering the field almost every year. Nurses need to understand the use and significance of this and it is possible only through continuing education methods like special training and conferences. For example, many facilities are in the process of implementing electronic medical records. Nurses who have been in the field for few years will have to take up training to use the digital records and new healthcare software.

A change in technology is one of the reasons for continuing education in this field. Those who are looking at career advancement also should take up continuing education. An LPN to become and RN require schooling. An RN can take the career forward by adding a graduation or a masters degree. Those who are looking at working in a specific specialty like paediatrics or oncology would also have to take up certifications and courses. Each additional certification and specialization would increase the pay and benefits accordingly. Moreover, this will open up new job opportunities, as there is increased demand for nurses in some specialties.

When there are some emerging situations in healthcare like the H1N1 flu virus, nurses need to continually educate themselves to keep up to date with them. Nurses may need to take up some immediate medical training to take care of such special medical conditions. They need to be prepared to implement the changes in patient care as and when required.

Nurses have to meet continuing education requirements as per the state laws. These continuing education points may be required to continue the nursing licenses. Such laws ensure that the patients get the best possible care from nurses who keep themselves updated with the latest in the fields.

What if you do not continue your education? You can forget the possibilities of renewing your license for practicing medicine! The quality of care is sure to reduce drastically, as a nurse would have completed the formal education several years before. Inconsistent care and mistakes could happen because of lack of understanding. The requirement for continuing education definitely reflects the constant changes and development in the nursing profession.

Do you still think that continuing education is a waste of time? Be updated and on the top of the game!