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Push for Nurses to Join Governing Boards

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Push for Nurses to Join Governing Boards by Stakeholders and other Executives

There is something missing from most governing boards of health-related organizations. This essential element is the nurses.

There are quite a few experts from various sectors who believe that nurses need to be in decision making positions. They believe that this would make a huge difference in patient care and seems to be a ‘no brainer’ according to some executives.

The fact is that nurses understand the various ‘horizontal’ needs of patients regarding long-term and acute care in addition to home care. They also have the ability to explain the intricacies in lay terms related to healthcare and modern patient needs. This can offer a valuable skill set on boards since these usually include individuals from a huge range of disciplines. These insights are critical to improving the safety and quality of care and reduce the expenses that do not directly benefit a patient’s care. Also, nurses are extremely strong advocates for patients.

According to experts, nurses need to have a more active voice in decisions regarding health policy and health care reform. Nurses also need to serve on advisory committees, boards and commissions when policy decisions are made in advanced health systems in order to improve overall patient care.

Nurses are considered the largest section in the entire health care workforce and considered to be the most ethical and honest professionals in the workforce. They typically spend the most time with patients and have unique insights regarding factors, such as environmental, financial and social, that can affect a patient’s care. Proponents for this change claim this provides a valuable and unique perspective for boards that could be invaluable in making decisions for the future of the entire health care system.

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