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One Million New Nurses Needed by 2020

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One Million New Nurses Needed by 2020

While Americans are applying to nursing school in record numbers, the only thing many of these applicants achieve is a bruised ego.

In 2012 alone, various nursing schools in the U.S. rejected over 80,000 qualified applicants. While it was not that the school did not want to admit them, but that did not have enough faculty to teach this large number of students.

The even bigger player is that in the next five years the United States is going to need one million new nurses.

At a number of nursing schools in the U.S. the grants and tuition present are not enough to cover the cost associated with hiring more nurses – especially those who hold doctorates. In order to generate the cash necessary they need to find a solution to that issue. One solution to help and solve the issue, while reducing the upcoming shortage of nurses, is for schools to expand past teaching to entrepreneurship.

Nurses who currently hold doctorates are some of the most versatile cogs in the U.S. health care system. They are able to conduct research, handle clinical work and teach new, aspiring nurses. As a researcher, the nurses examine the practice and science of nursing. In many cases, their work will combine the scientific elements of the research with the more practical element of patient care.

The research conducted by nurses can help to lead to the development of new medical devices or new methods for pain management. They understand both the practice and science behind the profession and nurses who hold doctorates are definitely invaluable resources for nursing students.

In order to effectively solve the impending shortage of nurses in the country, colleges and universities are going to have to become more creative. By empowering the faculty members to become an entrepreneur, it can provide schools with the necessary funds to educate upcoming nurses.

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