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Interesting Facts about Being a Nurse You Never Knew

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Interesting Facts about Being a Nurse You Never Knew

Many professions have a number of stereotypes associated with them. For example, when someone

mentions a nurse, does your mind automatically wander to Florence Nightingale or the lady in the

white outfit? Well, believe it or not, these stereotypes are extremely far from the truth of what an

actual nurse is. Discard the thoughts of white orthopedic shoes and matronly bed-pan-changers and

learn a few things about nurses you may have never known.

They Know Science and Math

While a great bedside manner is nice to have, empathy and kindness are not the foundation of a

nurse’s training. IN fact, a strong understanding of math and science is essential to ensure proper

care. Understanding how to dose medicine properly and what the beeping and humming machines

indicate is essential and take a great deal of skill.

A Nurses Role Differs from Case to Case

There are some things that just have to be done by nurses, regardless of how unpleasant they are. In

fact, there are situations where slow and steady simply don’t work. However, there are also times

when tenderness is required. Nurses have to be able to change from one need to the next quickly.

Gossip is Second Nature

Nurses are first and foremost professional when dealing with patients. However, if they get the

grumpy, ornery patient who can’t be satisfied, they may attend to their needs dutifully, but back at

the nurse’s station you can feel confident that everyone knows what a jerk the patient really is.

Nurses are Just as Important as Doctors

Doctors aren’t the only ones that may difficult decisions. Nurses are also not just “dumber” versions

of doctors. Nurses are just as valuable as the doctor and in many cases the first one on the scene of

any serious situation.

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