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Avoid the Penalty...Get Insured!!

Why does an employer care about investing in your health? Well, right now health care is the fastest growing cost out there and the profit burden is astronomical let alone the unforeseen future cost. I am here to show you how to reduce your cost and find a way for employees to adjust to these high cost. First off your company probably subsidizes insurance premiums with maybe a fifty-fifty split give or take a little more or less. That's great but what about that HIGH deductible that's left in exchange for that low premium. Well let me introduce a win-win solution: enhancedcareMd is here to reduce the cost for both you and your employer all the way around. This alternative allows companies to save about 25-30% on their premiums and provide a tool to their employees to manage their deductible. Then there are employees that say they just can’t afford it and lean toward coverage through the affordable care act. Well don’t you feel guilty as an employer with such high premiums and deductibles that your employees are opting out of your plan. Did you know that you can be charged a penalty for pushing your employees to an exchange?

Statistics from our database of users show that employees have reported 40% less loss of time from work due to our program and that they feel like they are getting 96% better productivity. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I hear that larger companies actually get an additional benefit if they spend less. If they are a self-directed company they see that reduction in spending go right into their bottom line. I have some statistics that will really intrigue you. Our program will reduce unnecessary emergency room visits between 11 and 20%. Then there’s physician office visits, well 80% of the time a patient can exchange it for our tele-medicine and have a good resolution. Overall that is a 9.5 -15% savings on all the cost of your employee’s doctor’s visits. Are you excited yet? I’m sure you’re wondering how you can get all these saving. Click here for more info and learn how the face of medicine is changing for the better.
Dalisse Humphrey Rn, BSN
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